Need an auction item idea? 

This year's Auction is on April 30th at the Crow Canyon Country Club. 

Please volunteer  if you would like to be involved! 

Raising Funds for all Cal High Student Athletes! 


Information & Quick Links

Grizzly Madness Volunteer Meeting

Written by Athletics Boosters (CAB) on 17-Nov-2015

Please join us for a brief meeting to discuss the event on December 2nd at the Starbucks in the Marketplace at 6:30pm.

Below are all of our upcoming meetings, If you would like to attend please RSVP  

Welcome To Grizzly Madness!

Written by Athletics Boosters (CAB) on 09-Oct-2015

On March 12th, 2016, the California High School Athletic Boosters (CAB) will host the next Grizzly Madness, the Cal High Athletic social gala and fundraiser.

Please join us for a adult night out and great time while supporting a good cause.

All of the net proceeds go towards providing the best environment and opportunities we can provide for our student athletes. Through funding equipment, maintenance and repairs and lower program cost overall.

Please Participate in one of the following ways

  • Donation of an Item (ie. timeshares, party host)
  • Sponsor or help find a sponsor for the event
  • Come to Grizzly Madness, (Tickets available in soon)
  • Volunteer

With all of your support this can be yet another great year for Grizzly Madness!

Team Parents Please Read

Written by Athletics Boosters (CAB) on 30-Sep-2015

To earn your Sport’s end of year CAB bonus, your sport needs to participate in Grizzly Madness with at least 3 auction items and have completed your CAB event volunteer hours. An example of a “sport” is ALL of Women’s Basketball: Frosh, JV and Varsity together

Each sport may have a maximum of 4 auction items at the gala event on March 12, and an unlimited number of items in the Online Auction, which is March 14-25.

We use Charity Benefit Auctions (CBAa professional auctioneering and event service which has doubled & tripled results from other high school and non-profit events, and has grown Grizzly Madness earnings over the past three years.

90% of revenue raised goes to the participating team; 10% goes to cover costs

We recommend that you focus on high-value basket/auction items; group your donations so that each basket / auction item is valued at $100 or more

At our(CAB) discretion, one of your items may be placed in our live auction or used as an auction game to maximize revenue. If you know that you will have a large-value item suitable for these opportunities, let us know as early as possible.

If you have extra items that were donated to you that you don’t want to auction, CAB welcomes the donation to our raffle, or other event games (Balloon Pop, Wine Pull, etc.)

4 Unique Ideas for Brainstorming Exceptional Auction Items

Written by Athletics Boosters (CAB) on 24-Sep-2015

Thinking Outside the BoxWhen it comes to auction item procurement, the goal is to acquire items that cost little to nothing upfront but are still distinctive enough to attract high bidding. It’s easy to get stuck in the auction rut of gift certificates, jewelry and themed baskets which can make your auction feel cluttered and won’t garner high fundraising numbers.

It’s time to think outside the benefit auction box. Rather than seeking material items - or “stuff” - for your auction, focus on offering experiences for your donors to bid on. Experiences appeal to a much wider audience and cut down on the kind of donor fatigue that results from the same old items appearing on your auction table.

While the big money is going to come from auctioning off once-in-a-lifetime travel Experiences like those we offer here at Winspire, it's easy to put together a few local experiences that might raise a few extra hundred bucks at your event. These types of auction items can also create the kind of "buzz" in your community that generates more interest in your cause.

Consider these four ideas for coming up with unique local experiences that are sure to inspire high interest levels and fierce bidding:

1. Connect to the Community

Reach out to your community leaders and seek experiences. Solicit the local firehouse to offer a ride-along for one lucky kid – winner’s choice - to get picked up from school for a special ride home in their big red engine or ladder truck.

See if the Chief of Police will take on an “assistant” for the evening to observe the day in the life of a local police officer. Auction the opportunity to cut the ribbon at the opening of a new park or name a new city street; and who wouldn’t bid on the chance to soak the mayor in a dunk tank?


2. Feature the Family

Parents of young children will pay top dollar for well-planned family-themed experiences that are focused on their kids. These types experiences are cheap and may only require a few volunteer hours, such as a home visit from Santa complete with story time, cookies and a collective analysis of the household Christmas List.

For active or sports-oriented groups, consider auctioning a dodge ball or capture the flag tournament for a large group kids – including the location, equipment, refs/parent organizers, pizza and prizes. If you know of a parade coming up in your area, auction off the opportunity for a family to be grand marshals and lead the procession.

3. Unusual Items

Exclusive access to things people normally wouldn’t have get plenty of bidding interest. One example is auctioning front-row parking for a year at a popular event venue or school, or see if the city will offer a year of free downtown parking. For colleges and high schools, why not auction front-row seats at an upcoming graduation, sports event or concert? Consider reaching out to your local news network to see they'll offer an experience to hang out on the set, view a live newscast and go to lunch with a news anchor.

4. Behind-the-scenes Experiences

At Winspire we love VIP tours and have our own list of incredible Experiences that take you behind the scenes at venues across the U.S. and the world. It can a great way for local businesses to earn some positive PR and get their name out in the community. Wine tours are enormously popular so if you have any boutique wineries in your area, see if they will offer a group grape stomp, followed by appetizers and wine tasting. If you have a popular restaurant in your town – whether it’s high class dining or the best BBQ in the state – offer to pay for food if the head chef will donate his or her time to cook a private dinner party for 8 at their home. Museums are also a great resource for VIP Tours or overnight sleepovers for kids.


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